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FAQ of mobile application development

1. Overview

This document lists some issues and related solutions that you might encounter when using App, Gizwits App Framework, Gizwits App Code Auto-Generator, or Gizwits App SDKs.

2. FAQ

Q: How to fix the issue of network access configuration failure when the device fails to access the Internet, and the App displays the configuration timeout?

A: The network access configuration involves the App and the device. The following lists the cases that may cause the problem to occur.

  1. Use Gizwits Debugging App to configure (Download here:
  2. Check whether your mobile phone is located in the same network to be configured. Confirm whether the SSID and password of the router are entered correctly. Check that the module type selected during the configuration is correct.
  3. The router to be configured must not use 5G band. There should be no link or login restriction and disable AP isolation. Try to replace the Wi-Fi router, or use a mobile phone hotspot as a router. It is not recommended to use public routers or those with port restrictions.
  4. Check whether the device enters the configuration mode through the output log of the module debug interface. (Click here to see how to capture log:

Q: My device is configured successfully by the App, but on which the device is not displayed.

A: Try to use the App that is compiled from the source code generated by Gizwits App Code Auto-Generator with the Gizwits App Framework. And confirm whether the product key in assets/UIConfig.json of the )App project directory matches your own device.

Q: It shows “unknown error” when registering a user account using the App that is compiled from the source code generated by Gizwits App Code Auto-Generator with the Gizwits App Framework.

A: That’s because a weak password are used for registration. Registration requires a strong password. The password should contain three of the the four character types: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Q: Why can’t a user account registered in the Gizwits Debugging App be logged in the App that is compiled from the source code generated by Gizwits App Code Auto-Generator with the Gizwits App Framework?

A: That’s because the former App and the latter App do not share the same appid. Their user systems are also different. If you need to register the user on the latter App again.

Q: What is the “Unknown device\Do not support this device\Failed to download the configuration file” message displayed by Gizwits Debugging App? How to fix them?

A: After IOE Demo loads the device list, it automatically downloads the device configuration file, which is parsed by the Gizwits App SDK in the form of JSON and binary data so as to control devices and get device status correctly. If the IOE Demo fails to download the configuration file of the corresponding device because of connection issues, or Gizwits cloud is not able to find the configuration file of the device, the above messages appears.

Q: How to modify the Gizwits App Framework code to control my device?

A: There are three key steps. It is recommended to adopt the App automatically generated so as to omit the first two steps:

  1. Update ProductKey and AppID in the source code to match your own devices.
  2. Update the Data Point names in the source code to match your own devices.
  3. Modify the App UI according to your own device functions.

Q: How to download the Demo App? Does it have common features?

A: The Demo App can be downloaded from Gizwits Download Center or through searching for “Gizwits” in an app store. Because the Demo App has adaptive layout and communication protocols, all products on the Gizwits IoT Cloud use the same Demo App and do not need to be downloaded separately.

Q: Which type of WeChat Official Account is required for WebChat development, personal WeChat Official Account or enterprise WeChat Official Account?

A: WeChat Official Account consists of Service Account, Subscription Account, and WeChat at Work. The device function is currently a plug-in of WeChat Service Account. Before enabling device function, you should register for WeChat Service Account. Unverified WeChat Service Account can also support device function, but there is a limit on the number of connected devices. Therefore, after enabling the device function of the unverified WeChat Service Account, you need to request the verification of your WeChat Service Account as soon as possible to increase the connected devices limit. Since WeChat Service Account is not currently available to individuals, individual developers can use a test user account to complete development and debugging. For details, please refer to WeChat official documents.

Q: How does App determine whether the current device is located at the same LAN or not?

A: The Gizwits App SDK makes determination as following process: The Gizwits App SDK send a broadcast packet to the LAN at which it is located every 1 second. If the device module receives this broadcast packet, it will reply with passcode to the Gizwits App SDK. At this time, the Gizwits App SDK can use the passcode to access the device. If the Gizwits App SDK does not receive a reply, it will determine that the device in the device list is not located at the same LAN and will query the device status through WAN.