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SDK error codes


This document mainly lists the error code information returned by the Gizwits App SDK when it is called.

Error codes definition

ID Definition Description
0 GIZ_SDK_SUCCESS The request from the client was executed successfully
8001 GIZ_SDK_PARAM_FORM_INVALID The format of the JSON sent by Client to Daemon was invalid
8002 GIZ_SDK_CLIENT_NOT_AUTHEN If there is no handshake authentication between Client and Daemon, any data interaction is invalid
8003 GIZ_SDK_CLIENT_VERSION_INVALID Client version number is invalid
8004 GIZ_SDK_UDP_PORT_BIND_FAILED UDP port binding failed
8005 GIZ_SDK_DAEMON_EXCEPTION System error of Daemon
8006 GIZ_SDK_PARAM_INVALID JSON format of the data request sent by Client is correct, but the parameters are invalid; the parameters passed by the App are invalid
8007 GIZ_SDK_APPID_LENGTH_ERROR Error of Appid length
8008 GIZ_SDK_LOG_PATH_INVALID Invalid log path
8009 GIZ_SDK_LOG_LEVEL_INVALID Invalid log level
8020 GIZ_SDK_NO_AVAILABLE_DEVICE No devices are available when setting device domain name in batch
8021 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONFIG_SEND_FAILED Device configuration failed to be sent
8022 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONFIG_IS_RUNNING Device is being configured
8023 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONFIG_TIMEOUT Device configuration timed out
8024 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_DID_INVALID Device did is invalid
8025 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_MAC_INVALID Device mac is invalid
8026 GIZ_SDK_SUBDEVICE_DID_INVALID Child device did invalid
8027 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_PASSCODE_INVALID Device passcode is invalid
8028 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_NOT_CENTERCONTROL It is not a central control device
8029 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_NOT_SUBSCRIBED The device is not subscribed
8030 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_NO_RESPONSE No respond from the device
8031 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_NOT_READY The device is not ready
8032 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_NOT_BINDED The device is not bound
8033 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONTROL_WITH_INVALID_COMMAND The device command contains invalid contents
8034 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONTROL_FAILED Device command failed to execute
8035 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_GET_STATUS_FAILED Device status query failed
8036 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONTROL_VALUE_TYPE_ERROR The parameter type of device command is incorrect
8037 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONTROL_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE The parameter value of device command is not within the valid range
8038 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONTROL_NOT_WRITABLE_COMMAND Device command contains non-writable contents
8039 GIZ_SDK_BIND_DEVICE_FAILED Device binding failed
8040 GIZ_SDK_UNBIND_DEVICE_FAILED Device unbinding failed
8041 GIZ_SDK_DNS_FAILED Domain name resolution failed
8042 GIZ_SDK_M2M_CONNECTION_SUCCESS M2M connection succeeded
8043 GIZ_SDK_SET_SOCKET_NON_BLOCK_FAILED Non-blocking socket connection failed
8044 GIZ_SDK_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT Connection timed out
8045 GIZ_SDK_CONNECTION_REFUSED Connection refused
8046 GIZ_SDK_CONNECTION_ERROR Connection error
8047 GIZ_SDK_CONNECTION_CLOSED Connection is closed
8048 GIZ_SDK_SSL_HANDSHAKE_FAILED SSL handshake failed
8049 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_LOGIN_VERIFY_FAILED Device login verification failed
8050 GIZ_SDK_INTERNET_NOT_REACHABLE The current external network is unreachable
8095 GIZ_SDK_HTTP_SERVER_NOT_SUPPORT_API HTTP service does not support this API
8096 GIZ_SDK_HTTP_ANSWER_FORMAT_ERROR Open API response format is wrong
8097 GIZ_SDK_HTTP_ANSWER_PARAM_ERROR HTTP response parameter is incorrect
8098 GIZ_SDK_HTTP_SERVER_NO_ANSWER HTTP service is not responding
8099 GIZ_SDK_HTTP_REQUEST_FAILED HTTP request failed, such as returned 404, etc.
8101 GIZ_SDK_MEMORY_MALLOC_FAILED Daemon memory allocation failed
8102 GIZ_SDK_THREAD_CREATE_FAILED Daemon internal thread creation failed
8150 GIZ_SDK_USER_ID_INVALID User ID is invalid
8151 GIZ_SDK_TOKEN_INVALID User token is invalid
8152 GIZ_SDK_GROUP_ID_INVALID Invalid group id
8153 GIZ_SDK_GROUPNAME_INVALID Invalid group name
8155 GIZ_SDK_GROUP_FAILED_DELETE_DEVICE Group device deletion failed
8156 GIZ_SDK_GROUP_FAILED_ADD_DEVICE Group device addition failed
8157 GIZ_SDK_GROUP_GET_DEVICE_FAILED Failed to get device group
8201 GIZ_SDK_DATAPOINT_NOT_DOWNLOAD Profile is not yet downloaded
8202 GIZ_SDK_DATAPOINT_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Profile service is not available
8203 GIZ_SDK_DATAPOINT_PARSE_FAILED Failed to parse profile
8300 GIZ_SDK_SDK_NOT_INITIALIZED SDK not initialized
8301 GIZ_SDK_APK_CONTEXT_IS_NULL Context is invalid and cannot be started
8302 GIZ_SDK_APK_PERMISSION_NOT_SET Insufficient App permissions
8303 GIZ_SDK_CHMOD_DAEMON_REFUSED Unable to modify daemon’s execution permission
8304 GIZ_SDK_EXEC_DAEMON_FAILED Daemon execution failed
8305 GIZ_SDK_EXEC_CATCH_EXCEPTION An exception occurred while trying to run the daemon
8308 GIZ_SDK_REQUEST_TIMEOUT If Client does not get Daemon’s reply, it will return timeout to the App
8309 GIZ_SDK_DAEMON_VERSION_INVALID Daemon version number is invalid
8310 GIZ_SDK_PHONE_NOT_CONNECT_TO_SOFTAP_SSID The phone is not connected to a Soft AP hotspot
8311 GIZ_SDK_DEVICE_CONFIG_SSID_NOT_MATCHED The phone hotspot does not match the router SSID to be configured
8312 GIZ_SDK_NOT_IN_SOFTAPMODE Device is not in SoftAP mode
8313 GIZ_SDK_CONFIG_NO_AVAILABLE_WIFI Wi-Fi is unavailable when configuring device
8314 GIZ_SDK_RAW_DATA_TRANSMIT Indicating that the device reports data via transparent transmission
8315 GIZ_SDK_PRODUCT_IS_DOWNLOADING Downloading device product definition
8316 GIZ_SDK_START_SUCCESS SDK started successfully
10003 GIZ_SITE_PRODUCTKEY_INVALID Product identifier is invalid
10010 GIZ_SITE_DATAPOINTS_NOT_DEFINED Data Point not defined